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Tap into the revolutionary world of content strategies to propel your spare part sales to new heights. Join us in this impactful webinar, where you will unlock key strategies to restructure technical documentation and turn it into a powerful engine for revenue growth.

NEW Release | February 6, 2024

Zea has introduced new features and enhancements to its platform, including email and password login and sign-up options, rebranding of Parts Hub and Illustrations Hub as Zea Parts and Zea Illustrations, and improved caching. The 3D Models section has undergone changes to the tree view and inspector, local transforms are now displayed, and the root assembly is presented as a single node. Zea Sync desktop app is now available for download as a .ZIP file, and several bug fixes have been addressed.

Top 5 Reasons Why a Technical Content Publishing Strategy Sells More Spare Parts

You're the original equipment manufacturer, the expert when it comes to the equipment you sell, but you're getting your butt kicked by competitors selling aftermarket parts. Well, guess what? We've got the secret sauce for you - technical content that links to your 3D interactive part catalog!

Choosing a Spare Part Catalog Software: A Comprehensive Guide for Original Equipment Manufacturers

This guide underscores the nuances in building and evaluating a solution that aligns with your brand's value proposition, provides an innovative edge, and speaks volumes about your authority in the market.

What are substitute parts how are they different from alternates?

A substitute part may be used in place of the specified part in a specific assembly. A substitute part relationship is specific to the assembly where you create the relationship.

What are alternate parts and why are they critical to operations?

Unlike substitutes that can only replace a part in a specific part structure, alternates can serve as a replacement for a part in every part

What is the difference between Zea and 3D CAD software?

So, you're a 3D CAD pro and you're probably thinking, "Why would I need an app like Zea to create 3D illustrations?" Well, let's break it down. We're

Announcing Upcoming General Availability (GA) for Zea Illustrations

What is General Availability? General Availability is an exciting milestone for any software company. It means that the product has undergone

Zea Launches Cloud-Platform in Beta

Montreal, Canada, March 6 , 2023 - Zea (, the company behind Zea Engine, announced the beta launch of its cloud-based 3D experience platform

Interactive 3D elearning Solutions for CAD: Worth the Investment?

Interactive online learning with 3D CAD models is when you reuse the 3D CAD model from engineering to create rich and realistic 3D interactive

Top 4 Reasons to Publish a 3D Spare Parts Catalogue - Zea

Users are free to purchase spare parts from anywhere, but the bottom line is that 3D sells more parts, and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Zea provides a next-generation 3D web platform to leverage CAD assemblies for downstream applications such as PLM applications, technical

Keeping the illustrations in the interactive part catalogue representative of the product shipped to the customer is essential to a great customer

Best 3D CAD Rendering Software in 2021- Zea Inc.

Zea provides a next-generation 3D web platform to leverage CAD assemblies for downstream applications such as PLM applications, technical

CAD Visualization Performance on the Web-2021 Benchmark Report | Zea Engine

Why is it important to optimize CAD files for the web and what is the difference between a graphics engine designed for games VS one designed for

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