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Introducing a streamlined solution to generate, export, and integrate 3D interactive illustrations for your product documentation.
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Add your 3D models to use in your illustrations with ease. Every view you need for your project, all on our centralized web platform, to provide your audiences with deeper understanding of your products and process.


We give you the power to fine-tune your illustrations down to the smallest detail. Transform locations, materials, visibilities and camera angles and add callouts, annotations, and labels to convey crucial information and enhance clarity in your documents.


Bring a new dimension to your projects through captivating and informative animation. This dynamic presentation allows you to showcase the inner workings of your product's complex assemblies.


Interactive 3D Views

With fully embedded and interactive 3D models, your audience can now engage with you pre-defined views as well as interact directly with the models to their heart's content. Say goodbye to the headache of finding the perfect angle for your illustrations.


Eliminate costly and tedious document maintenance. See your illustrations edits instantaneously update in your docs' embedded content, saving you time and money. Syncing your documents with engineering changes just got a whole lot easier.


Crisp and Elegant

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality images that do justice to your technical illustrations. You can confidently showcase your work in presentations, manuals, or any medium, knowing that the quality of your illustrations is never compromised.


We offer flexibility to fine-tune the output to match your exact specifications. Adjust resolutions, dimensions, background colors, and transparency levels to seamlessly integrate your illustrations into your documents.

Image Formats

We offer two popular image formats SVG and PNG so you can choose the format that best aligns with your project's needs.

3D Creation

Effortless 3D CreationRight from Your Browser

An online platform for you to create and edit 3D technical illustrations hassle-free. No need for complex software―Zea works in your browser.

3D Models

Transform 3D Models into High-Resolution Images

Export professional-quality images for your documents. Choose a transparent background and add callouts for the perfect illustration.

3D Creation

Immerse Your Product Documentation with Engaging 3D Content

Embed always up-to-date, interactive 3D views into your documents to enable a hands-on experience for your customers.

Single Source for All Your 3D Content

Manage all your 3D projects in one place. With Zea's content management system, your 3D content remains up-to-date across all documents.

Customize 3D Illustrations Your Way

Fine-tune your 3D images―adjust the size, modify backgrounds, and include callouts based on your document requirements.

Transform Complex Steps into One Simple Process

Not only can you streamline your content creation process, but you can also enhance your team's productivity by eliminating redundant steps.


What our clients say

We work with CADs daily. I’ve used SolidWorks Composer, Anark, and Quadrispace, so I know my way around CAD software, but Zea looks the most promising!

Steven Silverstone


Our biggest challenge is using 3D models for technical writing and product documentation. Zea isn't only improving the content authoring experience within the 3D application but is standardizing the entire process for sharing 3D in the industry.

Jean-Phlippe Croteau

Protech Solutions Plus

It's so easy to get started with Zea! I have been using Zea Illustrations to update our technical documentation.

Neil Addison

Parrot Drones

Simply put, Zea is working on solving a big problem for our team and the manufacturers we support.

Clifford Anderson

Almon Inc.

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