About Us

Our Focus

We created Zea to solve equipment documentation problems for manufacturers.

Companies go to great lengths to piece together scraps of information to build product documentation. This approach doesn't scale and holds back even the most ambitious organizations.

When we uncovered the problem's prevalence, we decided it was time to do something about it.

So, we built a next-generation 3D Digital Twin Platform.

Now, we work with small and medium-sized manufacturers to help them deliver the value customers get from using their products.

Zea's Mission/Vision

Organize the world’s equipment information


We compete on value, not features


We listen to, learn from, and help our customers

Earn trust
through integrity

Do what’s right, even when it’s hard

Be an

We think, act, and take responsibility for the greater good

We Value Your Input

Let us know what challenges you face around creating and managing online spare parts catalogs, and our representatives will follow up to show you how Zea can help.